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The mission of ʻAhahui Lomilomi Hawaiʻi is to perpetuate the Hawaiian/ Polynesian Healing Lifestyle through an educational foundation of Hawaiian/ Polynesian cultural and traditional protocols, knowledge and wisdom as shared by our Kūpuna/ Kumu.


As an ALH Hoa you can sign into your profile: 

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ʻAha Lomilomi 2024

Celebrating the 25th

ʻAha Lomilomi


October 4, to 6, 2024

This years theme:


“Kūkulu ka ʻike i ka ʻōpua”

ʻŌlelo noʻeau 1907


Knowledge is set up in the clouds

Clouds are observed for

signs and omens



If you would  like to have access to the ʻike naʻauao - valuable information of our Kūpuna and Kumu.

Become an ALH Hoa and join us here.

If you want to support ʻAhahui Lomilomi Hawaiʻi, a (501(c)3)non-profit organization and

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Your donations are tax deductible, with individual limits of $250 as specified by the IRS.

 After making a donation you will receive a donor letter from us. Letter includes amount and IRS number. Please keep your donor letter safe. We will not issue copies.

Mahalo nui loa, we appreciate your support!

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You are specifically notified that these images are not to be posted on social media platforms or other websites without the express written permission of Michael Lee. Any such unauthorized use may result in legal action to enforce his rights and seek appropriate remedies.

If you have already copied any of these images, we demand that you immediately remove any images already posted on social media or other websites. 

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